The Basics about manifesting – Make your dreams come true


Have you heard about other people getting success from manifesting but don’t know how it works? Have you tried it yourself but it doesn’t seem to work? Let’s talk about manifesting so you can get a better understanding. You can then start seeping the rewards. 

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting simply means putting our wishes into the universe and leaving it to the universe. By believing your wishes will come true you are attracting that energy to yourself. That is the law of attraction

We attract what we think about. But we as humans tend to have voices in our heads that are negative. If we keep thinking negative thoughts that’s what we will attract. If you keep thinking you are going to end up alone that is what you will attract being alone.  

So, instead what we should try to do is redirect our thoughts into thinking more positively. So think about being an amazing relationship. Imagine the man you are with and how you feel. You will attract the energy that you put out there. 

Acknowledge and then redirect your thoughts whenever you notice that you are thinking negatively. So if you are thinking I am going to fail take that back and say to yourself I am amazing and I am going to be successful. Give yourself pep talks every day! Positive affirmation is the way to go.

Manifesting is not going to change your life overnight. The progress is slow and that is why people end up giving up. Because they think nothing is happening. But attracting positivity takes a long time. It is all about the energy you put out there. The moment you might be giving up could be the moment the universe was going to open a door for you.

By redirecting negative thoughts I don’t mean don’t feel all types of emotions. If you are feeling sad let yourself feel that. Same for if you are feeling angry.

How to start manifesting?


You can visualize what you want and then imagine that feeling of getting it. So, for me, I want a certain job so I imagine having that job. Walking outside the building and the feeling it will get me. Getting that congratulations email and how happy I will be. Visualizing and feeling that emotion attracts that energy towards you. Now I don’t expect that I am going to get that job. But I am just doing my part manifesting and I am letting the universe do the rest.


You might have noticed a trend in the Pigeontalk blogs. We believe a lot in journaling. Manifesting can also be done through your gratitude journal. So, after you have said 7 things you have that you are grateful for. Your last 3 can be things you want. You can write I am grateful for a healthy body that allows me to carry out daily activities. The key thing is being positive in your statement. You shouldn’t be saying I am grateful for my body not hurting. That is a negative way of writing this. Other negative statements can be I am grateful I don’t have debt. Instead, say I am grateful I have a million dollars. 

You can manifest as big or small as you want. It is up to you.

Vision Board

You might have seen people with a vision board and wondered why they have that. Well, they are manifesting. They are putting everything out there. You don’t have to have a vision board but you can put a statement or a picture that has to do with your goal.

Be Specific

The more specific you are in your manifestations the better it is. So, instead of just thinking I wish I am in a relationship. Imagine being with the person. How you feel about that person. Imagine how you feel in that relationship. Think about the characteristics of your imagined partner. This might sound a bit creepy if you are starting it for the first time. But trust me it is worth it. You have to have the belief that manifesting works for it to work.

Take action

Don’t think you need to do nothing once you have manifested. Think of it as half your effort and half the universe. Manifesting just allows the universe to pave the path and open new paths. You still have to do the work. 

Be grateful

When we tend to get that thing that we manifested we forget to be grateful. Part of manifesting is being grateful and keeping the positive energy going.

Be flexible

You don’t know the universe’s plan or how you get there. So trust something is happening and go with the flow.

I will leave you with my favourite quote that explains manifesting in an amazing way.

“When someone wants something the whole universe conspires in their favour.” – Paola Coehlo

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