Knitting as a hobby

New hobbies to try this year – Learn a new skill


With work from home and more time to ourselves, this is the best opportunity to try out new hobbies.

It is exciting to try something new and complete a new challenge. With not being able to go out some of us need ideas to keep us stable. So here are some great ideas you can try out to bring stability into your life

New Hobbies to try:


This will really help you calm down and you can knit hats, scarves and headbands to keep you warm in the winter. It is a useful skill to learn. It is a stress reliever as well. There are kits on amazon you can buy.


Stitching is also a useful skill to learn and you can start with something easy like stitching a pillow. Watch videos on Youtube and learn


This is the time to start blogging if you have always wanted to. You can start small by just blogging on medium and seeing if you like it. There is no investment in Medium. Blogging is a way to release all your thoughts and talk about things you are passionate about. For those of you who are like me that have a boring job this blog lets me be creative.


If you loved paint night there are Youtube videos on how to paint. You can plan it as an event for your social bubble to do together. If you don’t know how to paint you can start with Paint by Number, they are available on Amazon. There is even a TikTok viral video on thread painting that looks super cool.

Working out

If sitting at home is making you restless and putting your mood down then working out is what you should start. You don’t have to do some intense workout. Start small with following Youtube videos. I recommend Holly Dolke the classes are short so perfect for beginners and those that have less time.


Headspace has just released their meditations on Netflix. There are 8 episodes you can watch and meditate with. Each episode teaches you a different technique. You can rewatch the meditation parts.

Redecorate your room

If you have wanted to give your room a revamp this is the time. It can be easy as buying spray paint and spray painting your shelf in a funky colour.

Learn how to cook

This is the time to perfect those cooking skills. For those of you living at home find our your mom’s recipes and cook them. For those of you alone looking for some easy recipes to try out, check out the Thai Red Curry recipe.


Comfort food is what we need right now. Learn how to bake cookies, cake and cupcakes. Learning skills like frosting is fun.


It is time to catch up on books. I hadn’t read a book in so long but now I read a book every week. I never knew you could read samples on Kindle and decide what book to read. You can even start a book club with your friends.

Make Candles

Looking for decoration pieces and want a hobby? Making candles is the perfect idea for you. You just have to buy wax, molds and food colouring.

Wrap Up for New Hobbies to Try

Any of these hobbies will help you enjoy the abundance of time we have got. Who knows one of these hobbies might turn into your career.

Take a plunge and try something different!


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