Valentine's Day gifts for her

Valentine’s Day Gifts for her – Make her feel special


Valentine’s Day is a day to make your partner feel special. It does not require a big expensive gift but instead a gift that will make her feel loved. Something meaningful and small is my suggestion when you are looking for valentine’s day gifts for her.

Add some chocolates and roses to go with the present to make her feel extra special.

We know finding the right Valentine’s Day Gift for her can be overwhelming especially with everyone trying to advertise. Here are NON-SPONSORED suggestions from our Pigeontalk family. So you just have to click and order.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her:


Get a robe for her so she can relax in it. Get a sexy silk robe so she can feel beautiful and well you can get some benefits as well. If she isn’t the type to roam around in a silk robe then get her a comfortable bathrobe or a comfortable robe to chill in.

Victoria Secret has some lovely robes that will leave every girl feeling super sexy. She can use the robe to lounge around. I prefer this over lingerie as it has more practical uses. She is more likely to appreciate this and use it often.

If she isn’t a robe type of girl get her Pajamas from Victoria’s Secret.


In the pandemic it has become all about night wear and leisurewear. So the perfect gift is getting just that. What is trending is silk pyjamas with piping on them and you can get them at so many stores. I got mine for under 30 dollars at Shein and you better believe it your date will be in them all the time and will look super cute!

Paint by Number

You can customize a picture of both of you when it comes to Paint by Number. (the numbers are marked and the oil paints come with the set.This makes it easier to paint within the numbers to get a beautiful painting) . Your girl can then paint a beautiful picture of both of you. This is an activity you can do together as well. If you think she will prefer getting an already painted version then do the painting yourself. 

Don’t  like the idea of having a customized photo of both of you?  Think your girl will enjoy paint by number of another background. Those are available on amazon. 

Customized pillow

You can get a cute customized pillow with a picture of both of you or a cute quote. There are lots of options for customized gifts another suggestion is a phone cover.

Bake for her

Girls love it when a guy puts in effort. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to put in that effort. Bake some cookies for her. I will let you in on a secret the way to a girls heart is also through her stomach. Why should the girl always have to make the cookies? Switch it up and make her feel special this Valentine’s Day and bake for her.


Buy her a perfume. My personal favorites are the Chanel chance perfume or Alien perfume. What type of scent does your girlfriend like? Pick according to that. She will love adding a perfume to her collection. Putting on scents makes  girls feel confident. Get a 50 ml perfume and save on spending too much.

Build a Bear 

Build a bear allows you to make a bear online. I would suggest avoid getting one of the valentine bears. Instead, create your own. For example, where was your first date? If it was at a basketball game you can make the bear wear a basketball outfit. If she is a fan of a certain team or really loves a Disney character there are bears for that.

Add some meaning to the bear so she feels special and knows you put thought into it. Anyone can just go buy a red bear. Valentine’s Day is all about adding meaning. 

The self care pack

Get something that your girl can use to feel relaxed. Women love their diffuser and essential oils. It makes them feel calm and relaxed. It is the perfect self care. I suggest drawing a bath for your girl with some candles and giving her a diffuser. It is the perfect self care package.

Your girl deserves to take a break and you can give her exactly that. Let her why you got her this present.


Back massager or the massage gun is also perfect for self care. You can even use the massage gun and some oils and give her a relaxing massage for Valentine’s Day. This is available on Amazon.

Polaroid Camera 

Get her a Polaroid Camera so she can take pictures of your moments together. Another option is buying an Instagram printer so she can print pictures from her phone. Both are great ideas.

Forever Roses

Buy her a forever rose I would say just buy one to show your eternal love. The whole dozen can be very costly. This rose is said to last for at least a year. It is a cute expression of love.

A book

Does she love reading? I have the perfect idea for you buy her a romantic novel that you think she will like and inside write her a sweet message. This is a gift she will cherish forever. A love story by erich segal is a popular romantic novel. 


If she is like me and doesn’t like carrying a bulky wallet but likes something sleek she can put her cards in. This gift is perfect. Engrave it with her initials or a nickname to make it special. This is something every girl needs. 

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Wrap Up for Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

She is sure to love any of these Valentine’s Day gift for her ideas. Mix and match and create the best gift. Add some meaning to it and personalize it. Give her a card with it or multiple cards for her to open when she is in different moods.

Order your gift now so you can get it in time for Valentine’s Day.


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