Cheap gifts for friends – for those on a low budget

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Are you looking to get a present for under 20 dollars well then this list is perfect for you! Everyone appreciates a thoughtful gift more than a gift card from a coffee store or Amazon. So let us help you find cheap gifts for friends.

You can get great gifts even on a small budget and you can make them personal by keeping the individual’s interest in mind.

If your budget is bigger you can combine these cheap gifts for friends ideas and make a care package. These ideas can be used for Christmas, birthdays or just to say you were thinking about someone.

Cheap gifts for friends ideas


Get a journal for the person to write in. Most people need a journal to vent out their thoughts, make lists or to write what they are grateful for. It can even be a diary. Let the person know why you thought of giving them a journal to add a personal touch. It could be that you know they write in their journal all the time or it could be that they are going through something and this can be where they write their thoughts (you would be surprised how special someone can feel with a gift). Journals usually have inspirational quotes or designs choose based on what your friend would like.

Cute pajamas

Make the idea cuter by finding pajamas with something that interests the person you are giving the present to. So for example, if your friend is really into cats or dogs that can be put on their pajamas. Get a fuzzy and comfortable suit to make it nicer. You can google the type of pajama you want on amazon. Reitmans, Shein, and La Vien Rose are also good places to buy pajamas. At Shein, you can get pajamas with funny puns on them (who doesn’t love a funny pun?)

Spa set

Does your friend love taking baths get them a set of bubble baths, Epsom salt, and body wash and it’s a perfect trio. Get a scent your friend likes to make it personalized or go with something basic everyone likes to keep it safe.


You can get a cheap diffuser machine on amazon for under 20. If your budget is higher you can add some essential oils or go for a more expensive diffuser. Diffusers are calming and create a great ambience. They leave a place better smelling than a candle. There are some diffusers that work as humidifiers as well.

Jokes calendar

Does your friend like puns or dad jokes get them a jokes calendar? A joke to brighten their every day and they can share the jokes with you.


Everyone likes candles they improve ambience, provide smell and help relax us. You can get a 3 wick candle for under 20 dollars. It acts as a decoration piece and provides smell. Pick the scent based on what you think your friend will like. Bath and body works is a great place to buy candles. There are also cute best friend candle packages on Etsy.

Adult colouring book

You can get a colouring book and colouring pencils for under 20 dollars. Adult colouring allows one to focus which helps destress. Make it fun by getting a colouring book your friend will like. There are colouring books for swearing, animals, inspirational quotes, etc.


Get a puzzle of something your friend likes. if they like travelling maybe their favourite destination spot? If they like flowers maybe their favourite flower? Do they like animals? Making a puzzle of their favourite animal would be fun. This is a cheap option and you can search the puzzle on Amazon.

The other option is personalizing a puzzle with a photograph. That can be expensive but it is worth it and makes a cute gift. Put a picture of you and that person to make it special.

Work from home decoration

Now that everyone is working from home adding decoration to a desk always makes the workplace more fun to work it. I have a clock, a plant, and a candle holder at my desk. I even have a board to put inspirational quotes on. Any of those would be great gifts to give under 20 dollars.

Wrap up

If you want a better idea of what your friend could like you could always mention you are buying one of these things for yourself and ask them what their thoughts or favourite scents are that way you can sneakily ask them what they would be interested in.

Always try to think of a reason you are buying them the present. Make it something thoughtful. Adding that touch makes the gift more special.

If you are not sure your friend will like the gift add a gift receipt and they can always return the present.

Loved our list of cheap gifts for friends? Comment below and let us know which gift idea was your favourite.

These gifts can be bought for Valentine’s Days as well!


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