Valentine's Day Gifts for him

Valentine’s day gift for him – Make your man feel special


It might seem hard to find a Valentine’s Day gift for him. But I am here to make your life easier by giving you ideas. This list will make your shopping easier. For Valentine’s Day, I would go with something small, meaningful, cheesy and cute. These ideas are NOT SPONSORED.

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for him ideas: 

Customized chocolate 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well, make it even sweeter and more meaningful by making the chocolate customized. M&Ms offers personalized chocolate. You can put I love you on the Candy, both your initials, any meaningful nicknames or a picture of both of you. You get to choose your colour combo for the M&Ms. This is a great cute gift to give. Your partner will share with you, so it is technically a treat for both of you.

On that note, you can customize anything some ideas are customizing a towel and having a cute quote on it or a phone cover with a picture.


Pick a cute picture of yourself and your partner and get a customized puzzle made. You can both work on the puzzle together. It is a great activity and a meaningful gift. It is something your partner can later frame and put it up. Tons of websites allow you to order customized puzzles. You get to choose the number of pieces. Choose a picture that is clear to get the best results. 

Valentine’s Day Boxers 

American eagle has boxers that are perfect for Valentine’s day. They have ones with hearts, kisses and funny ones as well. They are cheap and cute. Exactly how a valentine’s day gift should be. If you are the type where you want to give something cute but like saving the expensive gifts for anniversaries and birthdays this gift is great to give. Pair it up with chocolates, if you think it isn’t enough alone. 

Engraved Items

Engrave something with a meaningful quote, joke or an endearing term. You can engrave anything from a pen to a Juul ( I would go with the pen as it does not have any side effects lol). Buy something your man is into and then engrave it. Some products you can engrave before buying them. 

Ring or necklace

For me, this might be too much for Valentine’s day present but rings and necklaces can be a sentimental gift if you add a cute engraving. Put a quote that means something to you or an endearing nickname.

Heart cookies

Make cute heart cookies to give to your man. Plus point you can eat them and enjoy them too. What they say is true the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


Now, this might not be a gift for every man since they might not want something to release their feelings. But it is something every man should have a journal to write and release their thoughts. Add something sentimental behind the reason you are giving him a journal for example has he mentioned anything about wanting to store his memories or wanting a place to vent? There are some great leather journals on amazon that have meaningful quotes on them. 

Plant to grow

Your relationship is blossoming so get a plant to grow with it. You can write a cute note inside saying I wish our relationships blossoms just like this plant and is ever growing.

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Wrap Up

I suggest adding one rose to your gift, let your man enjoy a rose instead of the girl being the one who always gets a flower. (I personally think that adds a cute touch and your man will enjoy it). 

Give your gift in a cute box you can get one from the dollar store (they usually have ones with hearts for valentine’s day). That box can later become the place he stores all your memories together. The box will also make it easier to wrap the gift if you wish or the box can be the wrapping itself. 

You can make any gift meaningful so pick anything from the list and your partner will like it. Mix a few gifts together if you wish. 

Ask yourself what kind of gift would he like and add a meaningful touch. Valentine’s day is the time to go all out cheesy and make him feel special. Gifts don’t only have to be for just girls. It’s to celebrate both your love and a Valentine’s Day gift for him is the way to do that!

Start shopping now so your gift arrives in time.

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Comment below and let us know what idea you liked best.

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