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Should you go on a second date?


Dating is difficult and finding the right person is complicated. Have you recently been on a first date and not sure you want to go on the second? We are here to discuss whether you should or should not go. Hopefully by the end of the blog you are able to make the decision and can answer the question should you go on a second date?

Things to consider about the first date


First dates are awkward and some people get extra stressed under pressure. Under normal circumstances, you might have a great time but the first date jitters can hit your date hard. That’s why I don’t like to be too harsh at first. Of course, there are some things that I am like hell no to. If someone is rude to the server or racist. So think of what your complete hell nos are and don’t settle for them. But if the person is a bit shy give them a chance.

We are only getting a snapshot of a person so be mindful of that and if there is nothing completely wrong with the person be open to the second date.

Connections aren’t like the movies that is mostly lust

Do you have unrealistic expectations that you are supposed to fall in love at first sight? Do you think that is realistic or it is more hormones speaking when there is an attraction like that? I don’t believe that is possible. I think relationships and love take work.

Maybe if he is too smooth it isn’t a good thing?

If he is too smooth it means he is like that with many people. Sometimes those that are too smooth are the players. They are the ones that are saying all that to lots of girls. Of course, this isn’t true for all cases but be mindful of that and give the ones that aren’t smooth a chance. Nice guys shouldn’t have to finish last. Do you want the person who knows how to flirt the best as your long-term partner or someone that cares about making you happy?

Don’t look for perfect

We look for everything to be perfect and that is something hard to achieve. Not telling you to settle for less but also don’t cut people out for some checklist in your mind. If you haven’t figured out if you like the person that’s okay you don’t have to on the first date.

A second date isn’t a waste of time

A second date could help you figure out if you like this person so don’t take it as a waste of time. You might discover something special by giving it time. Liking someone takes time for some people and it doesn’t happen in a split second. If you are the person it takes time for you to get feelings that is even more reason for you to go on a second date.

Why you should give the second date a chance

We have spoken about all the things that might not be perfect on the first date. On the second date, people are more open. It is easier to talk and more of the person’s true personality starts to show.

It could help you figure out if you like this person so don’t take it as a waste of time. You might discover something special by giving it time.

Second dates are often better than the first. Think about your own dating life and see whether this is true for yourself. Do you feel more comfortable on the second date?

When not to give a second date a chance

There are some people that annoy the crap out of you and you can tell in the first meeting. They have everything that you are like that is not someone I can stand for 15 minutes. Don’t go out again with that person. Second dates are more for people you like or are a maybe about. Not someone that you are HELL NO about.

Ask yourself some questions

  • Why don’t you want to go on the second date?
  • Do you think you will achieve something?
  • Do you think you found out enough on the first date?
  • Have you ever gone on a second date and changed your mind?
  • Would you want someone to make a decision about you on the first date?
  • Do you expect everything to be perfect?
  • Would you want to be friends with this person?
  • Have you had a perfect date before? How did that turn out after?




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