Simple tasks seem overwhelming? Let’s change that


My mind jumps from one thing to another. I start a task and then my phone blinks and I am distracted and I have no idea what I was doing. I get back to the task and then another thought occurs in my head about something else I should be doing. Then again I have left that task incomplete and started something else. My day goes like this from one task to another prolonging how long the actual task takes. Simple tasks seem overwhelming.

I get overwhelmed with thinking about the tasks I have to do without even starting. My mind spins and one task occurs I start it and then I get worried I won’t get the other task in and I move on to that. Leaving the first one incomplete which means I might have to start that from scratch when I get back to it.

Live in the moment

I realized what I was doing was not living in the moment. When I did a task I was always thinking about the next. Even when having a conversation with someone in real life I would have my phone focusing on something else. Our brain wasn’t designed to do 10 things at the same time. Yet we pride ourselves on being multitaskers. We can watch TV and work. Attend a meeting and do our work at the same time. With working from home it has become even worse because no one can tell if you start doing another task. You can’t pay attention to two things at the same time properly even if you think you can.

You can’t text someone on your phone and have a conversation in real life. There will be one thing you aren’t giving sufficient attention to. Why do two tasks badly instead of one task well? I have gotten called out multiple times by people for texting while talking to them.

So how can we work on completing our tasks without feeling overwhelmed? It comes with trying to live in the moment and focusing on one task at a time.


At the start of the day write down what you want to do. Making lists in your head might seem like a good idea but you will forget so write it own. Leave enough time for unexpected tasks on your list. Go down the list trying to do the tasks instead of fretting about the next task. Think about the task at hand instead of the next task. Now I know that is easier said than done.

But there are ways to stop yourself from getting distracted. Keep your phone away from you. What will happen if you don’t answer your phone for one hour? Nothing probably especially if you live in your house full of family that has a phone at all times if there is an emergency.

Limit the tabs on your computer. If you have tabs open you are going to keep flipping from one to another back and forth this is a major distraction. Instead, keep one thing open at a time.


Focus on that one thing you are doing right now. Thoughts will come and go let them but focus on what you are doing. This comes with practice but you have to be conscious about it.

If you are sitting with your friends and family enjoy their company instead of thinking about going home and doing a task that you have. It is hard to even do this because we are so conditioned to do


Like I said before the phone and other devices are what stop us from living in the moment. Even though nothing is happening on my Instagram I have this incessant need to go on it and scroll up and down. I know there is nothing new but I have an itch as if something will appear. But this is an addiction and it is something I have to actively work on keeping myself away from. If that is something you struggle with then actively make the decision to change that.

Breaking down method

Simple tasks can feel like a lot but when you break them down into smaller parts than you have somewhere to start. Think of a task you are currently working on. Now break it into smaller parts. Write it down.

If you want to learn how to break down a task check out our blog on overcoming procrastination. 

Wrap Up

On my journey of living in the moment, I have just started. There is a lot of work to do but with practice every day I can get there.


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