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Let’s discuss whether it is ok to double text?


With most of the interaction in the modern world being on text, it is hard to know what is considered right and wrong. In the ideal world, we wouldn’t really need to follow these rules for dating but sadly dating has become mechanical. At the beginning it can be frustrating navigating what’s considered appropriate behaviour by someone else. Double texting is a hot topic on that.

Let’s discuss if it is it ok to double text?

If your last text was a statement, then in my opinion the conversation could have ended there. Not everyone thinks it is necessary to reply to a statement. When you are talking to a friend doesn’t the conversation usually end with one of you making a statement? Well, then the same rules should apply to someone you are dating or talking to. Statements end conversations. So if you want to restart a conversation you need to ask a question or say something that would cause a response. So in that situation is it okay to double text. Someone needs to restart the conversation.

Another situation is double texting where you just send one message after another straight away. It is okay that’s how some people type so it depends on your personality and way of talking. I send a few texts at the same time just to show interest. I find one line texters quite boring.

It is also okay if sometimes you just text and then think of something 6 hours later and text again. Just don’t do this all the time at the beginning. After the first few months, this should not be a fear. Do you want to date someone who you have to think 5 times about double texting in this manner? I certainly don’t.

What’s probably considered not right is when you text asking a question or saying something that warrants a response and there is silence. You text again a few hours later silence and then you text again a few hours later there are crickets. If that’s happening I need to tell you to STOP. Wait for a response, see if he is still interested. There could be a reason he isn’t responding but you texting this much is making you seem extra eager. So in this context, I would tell you don’t double text or triple text. Be patient you don’t want to seem overeager.

Wrap Up

Yes, I believe that women should have control and do what they feel like (so this article might seem contradictory). But I also understand that the other person might not see this situation like that so wait till you are out of the not properly dating situation before you can become the real double texter everyone really truly is.

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