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How to make friends as an adult

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After University it becomes hard to make new friends but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make friends. You have to put in more effort. Let’s talk about how to make friends as an adult.

There are other people out there who want to make friends as an adult you just need to find those people.

Make friends as an adult

Take a course

I am currently taking an online course that I am interested in and it is allowing me to meet people that are similar to me as well as people that can challenge me. Even though it is an online class there are break-out rooms and after-class sessions that we can bond over. So even in the pandemic, there are ways to make friends. After the pandemic of course in person, bonding will be way better and after the class, I would be able to go for dinner or get coffee with my classmates. Graduating from university doesn’t mean the end of your learning and it doesn’t mean the end to new friendships.

At Work

Join the social committee or ask to be a mentor and you can meet new people. People in the social committee are usually thoughts that want to connect with other people. With people online, it has become harder to connect with your co-workers but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. I make more of an effort and message people and discuss ideas with them. This helps me connect with my co-workers. Arrange after-work games so you can bond with them outside of work.

Workout class

If you go to the same workout class you are going to end up seeing the same people. Strike up a conversation with them. You can compliment them on their form or just ask the person next to you how their day is going. Anything works just make conversation and you will keep seeing them again and again and get to know them better. I know so many people who have become good friends with people they have met at workout classes.

Sport groups

There are sports group that organize events for adults that enjoy sports. You don’t have to be great at the sport you just have to enjoy playing it. Through this, you can meet people that enjoy similar sports to you. You will have fun and meet new people it is great!

Join a group for your hobby or professional development

Join something you are interested in for example I want to develop my professional speaking abilities so I plan to join Toastmasters where I will get to meet other people interested in the same thing. There are groups for all types of hobbies.

Bumble BFF

There are apps where you can meet people that are looking for friends. This way you can meet like-minded people just like we do in dating.

Ask your friends to connect you with other people

When you meet your friends you can ask them to invite their friends that can be a great way to meet new people. The more the merrier.


Volunteering in a cause you are interested in is a great way to meet people. People when volunteering are usually super friendly and when you meet the same people again and again you will connect. I have connected with tons of people through volunteering. You will be doing a great thing and meeting people that’s a win-win situation

Book club

Organize a book club and tell your friends to invite their friends. You can organize the event and meet people through it. This can be done in the pandemic as well.

Accept invites

You have to accept invites and be social to make new friends. You might feel lazy about going to a big event where you will see new people. But remind yourself you want to connect with people and then push yourself.

Talk to your neighbours

Now with work from home I see my neighbours gardening outside everyday. Talk to them while they are hanging outside their house it is a great way to get to know your neighbours. You might have things in common. Having a friend that lives close by is awesome!

Wrap Up

As adults, we have fewer places to meet people that means putting in more effort. Take the first step and putting in the effort. Put in that effort to start that conversation, keep talking, and then ask to meet for coffee or invite them to a plan with your friends. Great things come when you get out of your comfort zone.



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