How to network virtually – Building connections from home

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Now that a lot of jobs have become work from home it has become hard to connect with new people. If you recently started a new job you know exactly what I am talking about. That is why it is necessary to discuss how to network virtually.

It is nerve-wracking to start somewhere and not be able to know anyone on a face-to-face basis. But with MS teams, Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing tools it has become easier. It just requires more effort and taking the initiative to get to know people. It is worth it though to have someone to talk to at work. Even if its to ask whether the system is down.

Here are ways you can make friends and build work connections while working virtually.

How to network virtually:

Chatting on MS Teams

If you grew up talking on MSN then the MS teams chat function will feel just like that. Hit people up and say Hi. Introduce yourself and talk about random things. You will be surprised at the connections you can make through chatting. It can go further than just talking about the weekend. If there are meetings you both will be attending discuss those meetings on the chat.

Ask for Video Calls

Take it a step further and ask your colleagues for a video call. People are eager to make social connections. A 30-minute chat can help you get to know someone and you can learn more about your work. Making the first move during work from home is important. I remember the first day I started two people hit me up to have a personal chat and having that made all the difference.

Set up virtual coffee chats

It doesn’t have to be people on your team. It can be managers or senior managers that you hit up and ask them for coffee chats. Set up meetings with them and let them know you want to connect.

Join the social committee

Your social committee probably hosts events. Join them and get to know people through games and chats. At first, it will be awkward but you just have to push through and it will become better and better. Until you feel comfortable talking to these people on one on one basis.

I have been part of scavenger hunts, step challenges, and bingo. These games have given me the opportunity to get to know my work people better. You can even become the social committee planner. That way you can be part of the meetings and get to know people even better. It doesn’t all have to be about work, work, and work. You can have some fun with networking.

We have fun ideas you can suggest to the social committee.

Ask questions

The best way to make friends is by asking work questions. The more questions you ask the more reason you have to talk. You can use that conversation and talk about non-work-related work as well. If you are talking to someone every day you are bound to become friends and connect.

Talk to people that joined with you

There are people that probably feel just like you and want to make friends. Connect with those that joined with you. They have not formed their group and you can be part of their group. You are both navigating the workplace and have a shared experience. Usually, workplaces train people together as that is easier so you will probably be in lots of meetings together. That is the perfect way to connect. You can make a group on MS Teams as well as Whatsapp.

Comment below and let us know what idea worked for you to network virtually.


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