delete him from social media

Time to Delete him on social media and feel relieved


Nowadays we aren’t only connected with people by their phone number we have them on Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Facebook. So, even though we might have deleted someone’s number they still haunt us and weigh us down through social media apps.


Delete him on social media

Your Ex

You can see exactly what your ex is doing. If he looks at your Instagram story you wonder does he still miss me? Likes your picture you think he wants me back. These trivial moments might not mean anything to him. We as girls overplay those in our heads. We stalk to find out if a girl is commenting on his pictures. If he is online on Whatsapp and why is he spending so much time online. Who is he talking to? It can drive one crazy looking at all this information and coming up with stories.

It is hard to get over someone when virtually you are surrounded by their information. That is why cleansing yourself from his social media is important.

Imagine if you had no way to find out

How calm would you feel if you had no idea what your ex was doing? There was no option to stalk him every day. See if he put up a post or if he is up to anything. Do you feel relaxed thinking about such a world? Well, you can have it! Create that option for yourself by deleting him on social media.

Hide the stories

If you aren’t ready to delete him just yet you can hide their stories. That way at least you aren’t getting reminders that his life is still existing without you. When you get reminders like that it spoils all the hard work you have put into trying to forget him.

The first thing I do after a breakup is hide those stories. You can still go and see the profile but you aren’t doing that all day.

Delete him on social media

This is the next step where you go and delete them. It is for your own sanity and growth. If they are keeping you down you don’t need them on social media. Think about your own health first. It might be better to disconnect from them completely. You can only get over someone if you stay away from them for time and space.

It gives you no option of contact

You might have deleted their number but if you can have them on social media you can still land up in their DMs when you are having a moment of weakness. So it is better to just cut them straight out. They can also contact you and make you go back on your growth.

Deleting social media isn’t just for your ex if there is someone you had a thing with or matched on an app there is no point in keeping them on social media. When you are feeling lonely you will end up going back to them. You want to move forward not backward and having these types of people on social media does just that.



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