Time to delete his number and feel empowered


This is for situations where you have been ghosted, a break up or where you have put in the effort but it isn’t going anywhere. Deleting his number might be a form of self-care and exactly what you need. Let’s discuss the reasons you should delete his number so you can be convinced! Empower yourself!

Why you should delete his number?

Reading the conversation can make you feel bad 

deciding to delete his number

If you are anything like me if someone ghosts you reading that conversation makes you feel bad and having his number makes you think about what you could have done. So, as soon as I know someone has ghosted me I end the conversation and delete it.

You don’t need to spend your time going over what could have been. Take a moment reflect on the end of the thing you were having and then move on. If you keep reading the same conversation again and again and feeling awful that isn’t going to help you in anyway.

You didn’t do anything wrong. The reason he ghosted you is his own issues nothing related to what you are. You are awesome! If you are interested in finding out why did he ghost me check out our blog.

If he didn’t ghost you but you broke up and want to move on. The best way is from a fresh start and by erasing the memory of the conversation and number.

Holding you back

At one point I had lots of guys on Instagram and on my phone that I had been on dates with. When I deleted all the Instagrams and the numbers I felt a sense of relief. A weight lifted from my body. Having those people that it is going nowhere with are not useful. Going back to those people that it is going nowhere for is wasting your time.

Those numbers are dead weight on your phone. You don’t want to go back on things you know haven’t worked out. So make the move and delete the number. Move forward instead of backwards.

We can help you make the decision whether you should go back to your ex. Figuring that out might help you delete his number.

You aren’t being able to move on

Having someone’s number on your phone allows you to message them when you are bored or feeling low. When that urge hits if you have the number you are more likely to message. If you are like me and have low resistance when that point hits delete the number. When you have that doubt that I should give him the chance if you have his number you have easy access. 

If it is someone that you still want to connect with in the future and don’t want to delete the number give it to your friend and tell her to keep it for you. If she thinks you should get it back then you have access. 

Closure comes from deleting his number 

If you feel that something has ended when you take some sort of action. You might have been ignored or tried your best and it didn’t work out. Deleting his number is an act of this is over and done with and I am not going back. That feeling of empowerment you get when you aren’t in the blurry lines of this is still going on is great. I like a nice gesture to finish something and sometimes the other person is not willing to give that. So do it for yourself and delete the number. Take control!

Self control is important

If you have deleted his number you won’t have the urge to message him. Minimise that drunk message that you send when your self control is in the all time low. When you wake up the next morning you will thank your sober self for the decision.

A time will come when you won’t even want the number anymore. I know it might not seem like it now.

Delete his number if he ghosted you

Yes! In the case of ghosting it is beneficial to delete his number. It will give you closure that he never gave you. It will be an ending that you made for yourself. You will feel a burden lifted off your shoulder. It will also help you resist sending drunk texts in a moment of weakness.

Are you thinking go ghosting him? Instead of ghosting use our break up templates.

When you should delete his number

There is no correct time to delete his number. But since you have the question in your mind it is probably time to delete his number. I am here to give you the confidence! You are making the right decision for yourself.  If he has not replied to you for more than 72 hours he has probably ghosted you and it is better to delete his number.

Signs you need to delete his number 

  • It has been over 72 hours and he has not replied to you 
  • You have been going back and forth and it is not going anywhere 
  • You ended it with him 
  • When you are feeling lonely out of the blue you message him
  • You have put in all the effort and investing everything. You had the where is this relationship going conversation but he isn’t putting in any effort.

Wrap up for delete his number

I know it can be tough when something ends and that’s why we try to hold onto it through something like a number.  You might feel as if there is no one out there and there is the dread that you need to go back into the dating world again. But I promise you there is someone else out there for you. There are better things waiting for you. You just need to start fresh by moving on from this guy. Then whenever you are comfortable get back out there. You are an amazing person and deserve someone that makes you feel that way. 

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