online dating safety

Online dating safety – What you need to know


If you are planning on online dating or going on a date with a stranger it is always good to take precautions. Here is an easy online dating safety guide so you know what precautions to take.

Safety should always be first and this is a random person you are meeting so it is better to think of it like that and take measure to keep yourself secure.

At the end of the day, there are bad people out there and nothing can guarantee full safety, at all times. The below are just suggestions that in my opinion could be helpful.

Online dating safety tips

Meet in public

online dating safety

For your first meeting, you should be meeting at a place where there are lots of people. There is less chance of something going wrong if there are people around that you can take help from. Someone is less likely to try something shady in a public place. So stay away from going to a secluded area or going to the person’s house. Go to a bar, restaurant, event or a park.

Do not sit in his car

It is considered chivalrous when a guy picks us on a date. But it is better for the first date that you do not sit in his car. He is a stranger and a car is not a public spot. Things can go wrong and so it’s better to take precautions. I actually let guys know that I am not comfortable with a pickup but you can just let them know you would like to come yourself and thank them for the offer.

Let someone know you are going on a date

If you feel uncomfortable telling a family member let your friends know where you are, who you are going with and the contact of that person. This way if anything goes wrong they will know to look out for you. If no one knows where you are and you do not respond for 12 hours, there is a lower chance anyone will come looking for you.

Put a friend tracker or google map sharing

share location

Let your friend in on your location by sharing it. This way if something does happen and you do not show up for 12 hours (this is a random amount of time I have chosen to use as an example) or if you appear to be in a random place that doesn’t add up your friend will have your location. If you plan to share your map or location please have your phone fully charged.

Have your phone charged for online dating safety

Nothing is worse than your phone dying when you need it. So have it fully charged in case you need to call for an Uber or need to call a friend.

Wrap Up

This blog is not to scare you I just want you to be smart if this is your first time online dating. My experience with online dating is that it has been safe for me. But I am sure others have experienced that it has not been safe. So take precautions before hand.

If you do feel uncomfortable for example going in his car, going to an empty area or being out late, let him know. Don’t think you will hurt his feeling. If he is the right guy he will be understanding of what you want. So don’t think you have to settle for a guy that will get upset if you say no to going up to his apartment on the first date or don’t want to go for a long road trip. You don’t need to say the reason why if you don’t want to but give an alternative suggestion instead.

These are just suggestions, it is up to each person to decide what they are comfortable with on the first date. You might be okay with going to someone’s house on the first date and that is okay as well. Make your own decisions and set your own boundaries. Just keep online dating safety in mind.





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