Shows like Pretty Little liars

Looking for shows like Pretty Little Liars?

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Who doesn’t love a high school murder mystery? It leaves you wondering who did it at the end of every episode. The friend group becomes like your friend group when you are watching the show. If you are looking for shows like Pretty little Liars, here is a list of shows for you!

Shows like Pretty Little Liars


Watch Elite dubbed or watch it in Spanish it works both ways. With enough seasons to keep you binge-watching. The mystery will engross you. The mystery is just like Pretty little liars. Set in a posh school in Spain the show revolves around rich and scholarship children. Will they get along?

Tiny Pretty Things 

It is not your normal high school story. Well because this is set in a ballet school. It has the fun of being entertained by ballet while still being a thriller. When the top ballet student falls off the roof someone needs to fill her spot. Watch the show to find out how she ended up off the roof. 

Grand Army 

There aren’t murders happening in Grand Army but  it still does have a lot of serious concepts discussed in a public high school. It is not your normal high school show. 


A show that crosses the fine line between healthy and unhealthy love. What will happen next is on your mind. You are creeped out by the obsessive love but still want to watch more. It doesn’t have a friend group like pretty little liars but the trill is there.

How to Get Away with Murder 

The story revolves around a group of law students who find themselves involved in a murder plot. As they get into more trouble you will be left wondering why is this happening to them. Each episode will be leaving you wanting more.

Fun thrillers are the best category. Comment below if you have more shows like Pretty Little Liars that you can think of.

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