Romantic Date Spots in Toronto that will make you fall in love


Want to go for a date but confused what spot to hit up? It is always hard deciding what to go and what is best for dates. That is why we have a list of Date Spots in Toronto for you!

Best date spots in Toronto

Humber Bay Park

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Humber Bay Park has a great view of the CN tower and a lake. What more can you ask for? Get a bottle of wine and sit on a rock and you will forget all about your worries. There are restaurants as well. Grab a pizza and make it a picnic. Parking is hard so plan it from before or park far and walk your way to the main area. Stand on Humber Bay Bridge and feel the fresh air.

If you are up for a bike ride on Lake shore this is the perfect area. Honestly, anywhere on Lakeshore whether it is downtown or Mississauga is going to be good for romantic date spots in Toronto.

Unionville Markham

This is a cute town where Gilmore Girls was shot. Welcome to Stars Hollow in the GTA. Grab a ice cream at the Fire confectionary. If you don’t want to get ice cream grab bubble tea at The Alley the options are limitless. There is a pond and park close by. You can pick a private spot next to the pond and chill. I’ve seen people even take their laptop and watch a movie there. It is a nice romantic spot to enjoy the sunset from.

It is probably somewhere your date has never been. So you will get some plus points for thinking out of the box. Also to add to it there is FREE PARKING. Yeah, you heard me right.

Like the idea of a marham date? We have more Markham date ideas. 

Sugar Beach

Unionville might be to far for those living down and sometimes Humber Bay can be hard to access. If you are downtown and are looking for a romantic spot hit up sugar beach. You might not get a seat on the Muskoka chair but you can get a lake front view easily. Open a bottle of wine there or hit up a patio you will have the time of your life. Now in covid at night sometimes the place turns into a rave. Keep your distance and enjoy the vibe. On nice moonlit nights this is the perfect date.

You can even walk along the lake to Harbor front if you aren’t really a sitter. Your date is sure to impressed with this spot. You want to make it seem like you made a little bit of effort as effort goes a long way!

Cherry Beach

Beach and downtown why not. This is a nice spot to hang out and go on a date. Anywhere near a lake and I think your date will love it. The beach just has a vibe you know.

There is usually lots of parking. Weird fact it is known as the top parking lot spot to make out!

Woodbine beach

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Have a game of volleyball with your date at woodbine beach. Sit and hang out at the beach. It is the best beach you can go to downtown. You can even get a bike and cycle around the area.

Gardener expressway

Skate under the gardener. Enjoy some olden day vibes and rollerskate with your partner this a fun experience to try. Trying new things with a partner is always a fun idea.

In winter you can go Iceskating here or at Nathan Phillip’s Square.

Hit up a rooftop Patio

There are so many nice patios to hit up downtown. The ones I think are the best are Kasamoto (if you are looking for fancy japense) you can even walk around Yorkville after. Bar Reyna has a partially indoor outdoor patio that is cute. Lavelle has a great view of the city. Baro is the nicest rooftop patio on King West in my opinion. You can go to any patio on Ossington and have a great time. We have become like Europe in covid and there are patios everywhere. Options are endless so enjoy!

Our favourites are:

  • Kost
  • Baro
  • Bovine Sex Club
  • Lavelle
  • Cactus Club
  • Kasa Moto
  • Hemmingways

Our suggestion is make a reservation at a place for drinks. Then room around the area and so some patio hopping.


Now that wonderland is finally open hit it up. Go on all the rides and get to know your partner. That Adeline rush on the rollercoaster will make you feel as if you are in love. Even the water park is now open!

Now you can go for Halloween haunt to wonderland. It is a well know fact that thrill leads to chemistry. This is the ideal way to celebrate halloween with your date.


Why not go for some bowling and games? Dates don’t just have to be food and drinks adding an activity can make it more fun. Don’t forget to book it in advance as making reservations can be difficult. Another place you can go to for an activity downtown is Rec Room 

Ripleys’ Aquarium

This might be something you and your date both have not done. If you haven’t gone this is the perfect date for you. The Jelly Fish are so cool you will leave thinking OMG I saw the coolest thing in the world. So why not see that with someone you like and leave your date with a good impression?

Polson Pier

It might be hard to park but there is no better place to see the sunset and the CN tower. What else do you need to make a date romantic? Get there fast before it gets too cold. Make sure to either take a blanket or a jacket. This is probably the best free view you are going to get.

Bubble tea

If it is a first date you might want to do something simple like having bubble tea and walking around. Hit the closest Chatime to you and have a great date. There is bubble tea at every corner so this is a simple but nice date. it is a nice elevation from the usual coffee first date.

Want date ideas that don’t hit your bank? Check out our free date ideas.

Comment below and let us know what your favourite date spots in Toronto are.

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